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Marketing within the treatment space is unique. Paid Ads on Google or Facebook must be approved by a singular agency, *cough cough* LEGIT SCRIPT.

Addiction Treatment marketing requires a special touch and experience. Our team has worked with over 25 treatment centers across the nation and has the experience you need to drive results.


You also have something to overcome


The private addiction space is extremely competitive. In 2018, there were 5,584 private for-profit substance abuse centers in the United States, a substantial increase from 2017. National companies like American Addiction Centers and Hazelden Betty Ford spend tens of millions in marketing. Directories such as and garner precious real estate on the front page.

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COST PER CLICK certified

We’ve seen keywords that go for over $100 per click. Unsurprisingly, two of the top twenty most expensive keywords in the WORLD are from the substance abuse industry; recovery & rehab.


Seeking recovery is an incredibly sensitive and emotional decision. The buying decisions in the space can be influenced by friends and family, or it can occur when an individual hits rock bottom. By utilizing Google Analytics we’ve been able to monitor buyer behavior across all levels of care.


For better or worse, LegitScript is here to stay. LegitScript is required in order to run ads on social media or Google. Overall this is beneficial as it eliminates third-party marketers from driving the price up of Adwords. As an example, before LegitScript was introduced some of the keywords mentioned above were going for $200.


The treatment industry is big business. Venture capital is becoming a larger player in the space and has been purchasing facilities. As a result marketing techniques are being more sophisticated.

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Frequently asked questions

We often see treatment centers that over-optimize their anchor text, generate backlinks from sub-par sites, or fail to create sub-content geared toward specific target locations.

You should expect to see results within three months.

We use a variety of tools to measure conversions. Our preferred tools are Callrail, UTM tracking metrics, and Google Analytics.

We can only work with one client in each metropolitan area.

LegitScript is a required certification process that all treatment-related facilities must go through to advertise on Google or Facebook.

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