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Do you want to establish a national presence? We’re here to help your business land first page results beyond your location! Let us help you increase organic traffic with proven and tested strategies!

Have you experienced any of these pain points?

  • You want to diversify your business reach but don’t know how to start.
  • Your business fails to target a wider audience online.
  • Trying to rank first on general keywords seem almost impossible with a very tight competition.
  • You want to generate broader national impact but have limited knowledge of national SEO strategies.
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As a national-focused company, we understand that it can be challenging to extend your business reach beyond local boundaries.

But our national SEO strategies can definitely drive these results for you:

Strategically generate leads for your business on general keywords​

Make your website easy to find online on a national level​

Drive quality national traffic ​


Rank your business on Google’s first page results

What is National SEO?

National SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that develops your marketing capacity to a wider and national level. In comparison to local SEO, the processes and outcome of building your national SEO foundation have a huge difference. One main difference would be the omission of location-based keywords for national-focused companies. Instead, general keywords are being utilized that can prove to be a real challenge with such tight competition in the global market.

If your business intends to target a broader audience, national SEO campaigns will steer you in the right direction. With quality content, strategic keyword mapping, and link building activities, your national brand will be optimized for better conversions across the country.

What is the best strategy for a national SEO marketing?

Although keyword research and website user experience are huge factors to improve your SEO, optimizing your content has proven time and again how it effectively generates leads across the country! When users find your content to be relevant to what they’re searching for, your website’s credibility can quickly overtake your competitors. When your content is of high quality, you may have an edge over other sites. Make sure to include content strategy in your marketing plan! If you need help and advice in this area, our team of content experts can definitely help you out!

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What are SEO strategies for national businesses?

A few of the SEO tactics that a national strategy should implement are the following:

• Keep in mind that the user experience of your website impacts a lot more than you think

• Consistently audit your website’s SEO health score and meta tags for better optimization

• Quality content makes a big difference! Build content that is relevant to your business and make sure it provides value to your customers

• Conduct an in-depth keyword research best suited for your national brand

These are just a few of the strategies you can perform to outrank your competitors but to enter the national market entails more comprehensive content, on-page, and off-page SEO strategies than you can imagine. Let data, science, and expertise guide you in your national search engine optimization strategy so you can hit your national goals!

Frequently asked questions

Local SEO entails specifying your target location for keywords with the goal of generating leads across your target locations. On the other hand, national SEO makes use of general keywords without a specified location in order to better market the business to a wider audience.
At RxMedia, we use a variety of tools to develop an effective national SEO campaign. Some of which we use are SEMrush, AHREFs, Google Analytics and other Google Products.
If you are a growing business expanding to a wider scope of audience, you might want to consider getting a national SEO campaign. National brands that already have a huge following have a better edge in maximizing a national SEO campaign.

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