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How we tripled a small IOP center’s inbound leads in a year

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Recovery Blvd is an intensive outpatient (IOP) center located in Portland, Oregon that provides treatment, care, and support for young adults and professionals seeking help to overcome substance abuse. Their story is unique in that they had worked with digital marketing agencies in the past and had mixed results with SEO. In 2018, when we approached them to help, they were slightly skeptical but after explaining our process, our anticipated results, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each action, and our confidence in being able to deliver, they gave us a shot.

Pain points
As a small IOP center, Recovery BLVD had struggled to obtain leads having no effective marketing strategy in place. We explained the importance of channeling their marketing efforts online to which they knew they needed help with.
We found a lot of areas they can improve on to boost their online presence. With little organic traffic and engagements, Recovery BLVD needed to grow their online clicks, calls, and conversions within a one-year period.
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Optimization of website and Google My Business

We started small with Recovery BLVD and first focused on building out a functional website and a Google My Business (GMB) profile. We created a website that had effective landing pages to reduce the site’s bounce rate. Once the website was established, our digital doctors made sure that Recovery BLVD’s GMB profile was fully-optimized by updating each field with correct information, building citation links, posting GMB content, and targeting local keyword searches.
Road to Recovery
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Content strategy

Posting compelling content has proven to be an effective way to engage and convert your target audience. This is also the best way to build your site’s credibility as search engines have a way of detecting whether your content was relevant to online searches or not. Thus, our digital doctors crafted the best strategy that fused content development and SEO together.

With our team of talented content writers, we were able to regularly put out quality blogs that are well-researched, engaging, and SEO-rich. This helped Recovery BLVD gain more organic traffic and engagements.

Results & Recovery

Our team at RxMedia was able to achieve the following results for Recovery BLVD:

Organic Traffic

In October 2020, we were able to generate website traffic from the benchmark of 171 to a total of 2206 (a 1190% increase!).

Discovery Impressions

We were successful in improving Recovery BLVD’s local online presence from only 1890 impressions to 9265 in October 2020 (390% increase in discovery impressions!).

GMB Traffic

Our team was also able to ramp up their GMB traffic by 279%, from 68 visits to a total of 258 visits in October 2020.

Phone Calls

There was also a significant increase in phone calls by 292%, starting from just 24 calls to 94 calls recorded in October 2020.

Blog Traffic

One of our written blogs “Whippits: 10 Facts About Whippit Abuse” generated a huge total traffic of 8,127 views!

Case Studies

We’re experts at what we do and we’ve got the digital records to prove it!

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