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What we do

At RxMedia, we connect your business with the right crowd — people who are genuinely interested in addiction treatment and rehab. We specialize in helping addiction rehabs and speech pathology clinics that have struggled to compete with the seemingly bottomless marketing budgets of larger companies.

Our tailored, holistic approach to addiction treatment marketing means our clients get the best returns through a fully-managed strategy that includes SEO best practices, pay-per-click ads, website design, social media marketing, and much more. Ultimately, our goal is to help your center be the go-to resource in your service area for everything addiction treatment and rehab related.

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Addiction treatment marketing requires a unique, specialized touch. Unlike most businesses, the primary aim here isn’t just to close a sale or make a profit, but to help people rise from their personal rock bottom towards greatness. This is how we approach your rehab center’s marketing.

The RxMedia team has worked with dozens of treatment centers all over the US, and you can be sure that we have all it takes to deliver the right results for you.


Marketing your speech pathology clinic doesn’t have to be difficult. RxMedia can position your clinic for success by taking the time to identify your ideal patients, connecting with your local community, and building quality relationships. More importantly, we know what to avoid so you don’t end up wasting valuable resources on marketing efforts that don’t yield results.

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