Buena Vista Health and
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How we used Google My Business to drive over 35 admissions to this addiction treatment center in October 2020

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Buena Vista Health & Recovery Centers is a full-service mental health and addiction treatment center located outside Scottsdale, Arizona. It opened its doors in 2018 with a vision for being a special place for healing and wellness. We first contacted Buena Vista through cold out-reach in 2018. Rather than pushing an ill-planned (no pun intended) attack to smash their way to the top, we presented a deliberate, data-driven long-term plan to establish dominance in their own backyard. They quickly understood the unique value Google My Business and Local SEO could play and gave us an opportunity. The results have been growing ever since.

Pain points
As with every new establishment, Buena Vista Health and Recovery Centers needed an efficient way to drive awareness. There was also the fact that they were a treatment center trying to make their mark in the extremely competitive Arizona market. When we first took over their Google My Business Cave Creek location, they had very little traffic, clicks, and calls.
It was clear they needed a comprehensive marketing strategy, one that began with making their presence known and establishing dominance in their own backyard. Ultimately, their goal was to increase exposure within Arizona and drive more clients to their business.
RxMedia fix

One of the costliest marketing mistakes that new businesses make is that they try to do too much. They try to focus on the entire market and try to reach prospects across every possible channel. The problem is they don’t really have the depth or expertise to do all that, so their efforts are often just average – not compelling. 

That’s not how we do things at RxMedia. We begin with a laser focus on local SEO. Google My Business is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal. We use GMB to set the baseline through which we build on other SEO best practices.
Buena Vista Health and Recovery Centers - Case Study

Google My Business

Our digital doctors began work on their GMB profile, fleshing out every field with detailed information about their center, ensuring consistent citations, and optimizing for “near me” searches. 

We started with their GMB for the Cave Creek location and had good results. We then implemented the same strategy to the rest of their locations in the Phoenix & Tucson Metropolitan Areas. 

In a short period of time, we were able to outrank older more established competitors.

Conversion tracking consultation through Hubspot

Once the leads started to trickle in, we used call tracking metrics and HubSpot marketing suite to track patients all the way through to actual admissions.

Results & Recovery
In their first 6 months of contracting with RxMedia:


In October 2020 alone, we drove over 35 admissions to Buena Vista Health and Recovery Centers.

Phone Calls

When we first started with Buena Vista, they averaged 55 calls a month through Google My Business. In October 2020, they recorded over 1013 calls across their 4 locations (a 1742% increase in phone calls).

Website Visits

Buena Vista only had 133 website visits when we first started working with them. Their website clicks steadily increased over the months and have now recorded about 1186 visits in October 2020 (a 792% increase in website visits).

“I’ve been working with RxMedia since I started with my new company this year and am continuously impressed with everything RxMedia does for us. Their employees are not only great at what they do, but are super personable and always willing to help out! We can see the incredible quality of their work directly through the leads we get and we’re very pleased!” 

– Emily Minerowicz, Buena Vista Health and Recovery Centers

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