Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO

Local SEO is the science of ranking a company’s website and Google My Business page for the relevant local keywords in their industry. General SEO focuses on broader keywords and searches that are not related to a specific location.
There are major differences between running a national versus local SEO campaign. While both can be impactful, they differ in purpose and require a different approach to achieve results. One the more observable differences is the keyword difficulty. When trying to rank for broad terms and compete nationally you’ll need a larger resource pool. However, local SEO can achieve results much faster due to less competition and volume. As a result, local SEO gives smaller companies the ability to compete in their own market. That said, while the competition for local keywords may be less. The complexity in structuring your site architecture correctly is far greater. This is because it may require multiple versions of closely similar pages that target various geographic areas and keyword groupings. If these don’t already exist then they will need to be created and implemented correctly across your site. To be successful with local SEO, you’ll need to have a more in-depth understanding of Google’s algorithm due to some searches being localized (example: “detox near me”) while other searches aren’t. The last major difference with local SEO is the importance of citations. To achieve high local SEO results you need to ensure that your business NAP data is consistent across the entire web as it’s a major ranking factor.
Local searches make up over 50% of all web based searches and 76% of these local searches result in a phone call. Being accessible to your customers when they’re looking for you allows you to drive high intent customers to your site resulting in more sales.

Done properly, local SEO will improve the overall searchability and visibility of a website. Here are the following values it can offer you should you choose local SEO:

  • Rank in Google’s 3 Pack
  • Drive quality, organic traffic 
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition 
  • Build trust and credibility 
  • Promote optimal user experience 
  • Provide quantifiable results
  • Increase in your center’s authority

Typically, monthly local SEO campaigns cost between $300 and $2,000. Here at RxMedia, we want to give you quality results based on your budget. Let’s discuss what works best depending on your business needs, your competition, and your geographic location.

We expect to see positive results in 3 – 4 months and substantial results in 8 months.
We base our success off of conversions and ROI.

Local SEO and Google My Business go hand in hand. A proper local SEO strategy must incorporate and optimize for Google My Business and The Map Pack.

National SEO

Local SEO entails specifying your target location for keywords with the goal of generating leads across your target locations. On the other hand, national SEO makes use of general keywords without a specified location in order to better market the business to a wider audience.
At RxMedia, we use a variety of tools to develop an effective national SEO campaign. Some of which we use are SEMrush, AHREFs, Google Analytics and other Google Products.
If you are a growing business expanding to a wider scope of audience, you might want to consider getting a national SEO campaign. National brands that already have a huge following have a better edge in maximizing a national SEO campaign.


Yes, we can have your Google My Business (GMB) listing included to a search campaign as a location extension. This allows people who are looking for your services from a certain location to see your listing above organic results.
It is our best interest to deliver a successful campaign to your business. We will provide recommendations as we see fit and you will have the final say in how to spend your advertising budget.
You only need a Google Ads account with billing information completed. We can then manage your account so we can start creating campaigns and landing pages. For drug addiction related terms, you will need to apply for a LegitScript certification as required by Google.
It is ideal to have a website, where more information about your business and services are provided. However, you wouldn’t need a website to start running Google Ads campaigns. We can build a landing page for your ads which can already acquire leads and covert as paying customers.

Website design & development

It’s easy to make a pretty site but creating a site that is fully optimized to enhance conversions, maximize search engine performance, and connect with your customers is incredibly difficult. We like to use the car analogy. There are a lot of great looking cars out there but the ones that win races are fine-tuned machines on the surface and under the hood. 

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” – Ricky Bobby

We prefer to build our sites on WordPress. The same platform that the New York Times, National Geographic and other top sites are built with.

Our process usually takes 4 – 6 weeks

Absolutely! You paid for it after all.

We measure success through site speed, cross-platform functionality, aesthetic appeal, user experience, SEO score, and of course, conversions!